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In-Home Accelerated Reading Instruction Ages 3-5

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Why Preschool Readers

Imagine how amazing it would feel to provide your preschooler:

  • one-on-one, personalized, in-home instruction with their very own Preschool 
Reading Specialist providing customized lessons to match their unique needs and individual learning style
  • an academic advantage when it comes to pre-kindergarten interviews, easing the stress of getting into the school of your choice
  • an edge up on demanding and rigorous school curriculum, preventing them from struggling and falling behind

At Preschool Readers, we know that your child’s brain is 90% developed by the time they turn five and that the knowledge they gain in the early years lay the neurological foundation for intellectual growth into adolescence and adulthood.

With an understanding of the importance of this critical time period, our Preschool Reading Specialists are committed to developing confidence and a passion for reading in your preschooler by maximizing their potential through in-home accelerated reading instruction.

All of our reading
sessions are:

  • 30 Minutes
  • Once a Week
  • In-Home
  • One-on-One