Our Story

Your child is your most precious gift.

You have BIG dreams for your preschooler. You want him or her to grow to be happy and healthy. To feel confident about themselves and their abilities. And to feel successful and significant in life.

You’ve likely heard that giving your child a strong academic head start fully prepares them for future success leading to a lifetime of advantages. However, you may be struggling with trying to figure out how to work with your preschooler during this most critical time period.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

We can help!

I’m Lisa Vodola, Preschool Reading Specialist, Consultant & Owner of Preschool Readers. I’m passionate about fostering a love of, and building excitement around learning to read for preschoolers.

For years, I was a special needs kindergarten teacher with an enthusiasm for teaching reading. I researched & studied everything I could about early literacy development. Eventually, I left the classroom & started Preschool Readers.

I hold both a Master of Education and Bachelor of Communication from The University of Tampa and have obtained certification in Prekindergarten/Primary Education and Exceptional Student Education.

I’m honored and grateful to be the recipient of the University of Tampa 2015 Young Alumnus Award, recipient of the Tampa Bay Business Journal 2015 Up & Comers Award, winner of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce 2015 Startup Scholar program, and nominated for the Parent Services Department of Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System Excellence in Action Award.

I developed the Preschool Readers program because I wanted a way to truly accelerate the reading process for preschoolers; maximizing their potential, building their confidence and guaranteeing a solid foundation in reading…. in a fun and interactive way!

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